Join BLOCK Risers Sunday, Nov 20th for the Annual Skateboard Marathon

BLOCK Risers is beyond excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring AND participating in this year’s annual Skateboard Marathon hosted by our dear friends at Adrenalina Skate Shop. The 26.2 mile race is open to everyone with proceeds benefiting Parkinson’s Disease Research and Awareness.


The race consists of six laps around Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego, with the top winners competing for product giveaways from the greatest and latest in the skate industry. There is also an SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Division for those that would like to bring their sticks and push around the Island.

Riders are encouraged to wear costumes!

Whether you’re racing, supporting, or just want to drop in and say Hi, make sure to stop by our booth to check out new product, a chance to win free gear and… A TIE-DYE BOOTH. That’s right, grab a BLOCK tshirt and break out your inner hippy/artist. BLOCK tshirts to tie-dye will be available.

For more information on the 2016 Skateboard Marathon, visit:




Newton Trucks are now in stock! Swap out your old trucks for the ultra low riding 50 degree Newton Trucks.  The lower height of the Newton Trucks allow you to maintain your ride height compared when used in combination with BLOCK Risers BettyBOX or ride super low when used with drop thru decks.

This special combo deal allows you to upgrade your trucks and get the BettyBOX Universal Riser Kit for the same price as just getting the trucks!

Upgrade to Newton Trucks! Check out BLOCK Risers newest product - Newton Trucks Combo Kit
Paired with the BettyBOX to give you the ideal balance of performance and function!


At a private event on April 14th in San Francisco, California, GoPro formally unveiled the GoPro Developer Program, an effort to support companies wanting to develop a seamless user experience between their products and GoPro products. BLOCK Risers is stoked to be part of the GoPro Developer Program which gives us the tools and resources we need to keep innovating and creating.
Learn more on our blog!

In the words of BLOCK Risers founder, Kevin Seele, “GoPro’s developer program and toolkits will help me create fresh and innovative ideas for my risers–creating a whole new POV for the skateboard community.”




We are excited to announce that in celebration of our participation in the new GoPro Developer Program, we've dropped the prices on our most popular combo kits to make them more accessible to everyone.

Upgrade to BLOCK Risers and Save

First Ever GoBLOCK Rail Grind

Watch BLOCK Risers in the GoPro Developer Program Video

BLOCK Risers - GoBLOCK Mounted Light - Night Run

Check out the GoBLOCK Mounted Light in action!


San Diego, CA – April 14, 2016 – BLOCK Risers announces in San Francisco, at a press event hosted by GoPro, that it will be one of 30 innovative companies to join GoPro’s recently launched developer program. BLOCK Risers is among the first developers to have access to GoPro’s toolkits.

“I was ecstatic when GoPro approached me about their Developer Program,” states Kevin Seele, Lead Innovation Officer at BLOCK Risers. “Having the opportunity to access the GoPro toolkits will help BLOCK enhance our overall customer experience, opening doors for my small business. It’s nice to know that I have the support of such a reputable company.

Having started in a garage, Seele developed his first prototype using a small 3D printer he originally purchased for fun. That just-for-fun print soon became a working, breathing concept--a blueprint that would fuel his now company, BLOCK Risers.

The patent-pending BLOCK Risers consists of interchangeable skateboard riser accessories, allowing boarders to add function to what is commonly a simple pieces of plastic fitted in-between a skateboard and its wheels. BLOCK has reengineered this once solid piece of functionless plastic to now include interchangeable accessories like a stash drawer, GoPro camera, night light and is currently working on plans to launch a skate tool and skateboard lock.

BLOCK Risers gained forward momentum when they launched an international crowd funding campaign last July that raised over $102,000 in three months. BLOCK used the campaign funds to produce and package their products and is now fully operational, having sold over 2000 units in 13 different countries.

“I’m constantly engineering new and exciting ways to enhance the experience of extreme sports,” says Seele. “GoPro’s developer program and toolkits will help me create fresh and innovative ideas for my risers–creating a whole new POV for the skateboard community.”

For more information on BLOCK Risers and their list of available skateboard products, visit or contact for more information and media opportunities.  

GOPRO® and HERO® are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. in the United States and other countries.”

About BLOCK Risers: Designed to fit any skateboard and any lifestyle, BLOCK Risers are fun, colorful, innovative and just plain awesome. BLOCK’s patent-pending riser system allows you to switch out interchangeable riser accessories with ease, so whether you are filming a downhill session with your GoPro, need a secret compartment to stash the goods or a flashlight to light up the night, BLOCK Risers has you and your skateboard covered.





We have beefed up our website to include new products (no actual animals were used) including StashBLOCK / GoBLOCK inserts, aGoBLOCK Mounted Light, and to top it off, Drop-Thru Setups and Wedges are available for all risers kits!

This is just the start to all the new things we are going to be adding to our product line, so keep your eyes open for the next new innovation to trick your board out for any situation.

Get the GoBLOCK Mounted Light

Check out BLOCK Risers newest product - GoBLOCK Mounted Light Kit
Making it safer to ride at night by highlighting cracks on the ground and making yourself more visible to cars.


Over the past few months, as the weather has grown warmer and warmer, we have received quite a few requests to use our logos on your individual videos, which we thinks is awesome! To help streamline the process and alleviate all the individual requests coming in, we have created a brand new Media Kit page on our website. Here you will be able to check out all of our logo variations, our branding guidelines, and a few custom video clips for your healthy edits (these have already started to blow our minds)!

Download Media Kit
First Ever GoBLOCK Rail Grind

Watch Jake Woodruff killing it with his GoBLOCK. Follow us on Instagramand YouTube for more!


BLOCK Risers: How To Install your Skateboard Riser

We have also launched our first of many BLOCK Risers Lab videos starting with how to install your BLOCK Risers and ensure the best fit.

We now have even more good news!!! The BLOCK Risers crew received our first production run of products and we were so excited to get them out to you that instead of waiting for the warehouse to open on Monday, we pulled out the skateboard racks and paddle boards over the weekend and put together our own make-shift assembly line.

If you purchased an individual set of BLOCK Risers you will see your tracking information coming across this evening for domestic orders, this includes our competition winners as well. For all of our international friends I have contacted each of you so we are just awaiting your reply.  Next will be our retail packages and then as soon as Jelly Skateboards are finalized, they will be headed out with the BLOCKs already installed.

Thank you again for supporting us throughout the entire process, without you, none of this would have been possible.  As soon as you get them, send us photos of your new setups & tag them to #BLOCKrisers.  I wonder who will be first?  Remember to also share your videos, and feedback on the product. Our goal is to make the best BLOCKS ever and never settle for anything less.

For more photos go to our facebook page BLOCK Risers or instagram @blockrisers

The Struggle

July 19, 2015


Jelly and BLOCK want to check in and give you an update. We want to start by saying both thank you and we're sorry. Thank you for being so patient with us and truly understanding that we are a brand new company and trying our absolute best. And, sorry for the delays in the shipment.

We're not like other companies, we're better, and we don't want to keep you in the dark! At Jelly, we want you to know exactly what is going on behind the scenes and why. Since the products are brand new and so many speciality factors had to be dialed in, we simply could not account for how long it would actually take to produce such quality products. That is completely on us, our bad and we take the blame for it, we were just really pushing to get things knocked out by September. But good things come to those who wait?

Now we are going to have to push the date for the launch of the product back again. We are not exactly sure how much more time it will take so we also don't want to give you a date and then have to extend the timeline yet again. It shouldn't be much longer as the process is in full swing, but that being said, we seriously do feel super sorry that we have to write this type of update. We would much rather have our product in your hands so that you can use it and share your videos with us.

To show you how appreciative we are for all the positive feedback and patience, every single campaign backer and contest winner's package will come with a surprise. We seriously can't thank you enough for the continuing support.

The LIFE ROLLS ON logo will be on every single one of these first release decks, making them an instant collectors item and also showing everyone how bad ass you are for supporting such a killer organization.

All packages will be shipped to our contestant winners and campaign backers first, so don't worry, you will be the first to get these bad boys.

Ok, now that we have the logistics out of the way, we got some fun and exciting news at least. We got in our final working parts and they are  AWESOME! These are not 3D printed prototypes, these are the real deal, injection molded final products!! Way stronger, cooler, and fitted than we had ever imagined.

Again, thank you so much for understanding that we are doing our very best and knowing that we will always be honest with you. We should have sent this out weeks ago to you, but we let it fall through the cracks and that is not okay. We promise to learn and get better from every one of these situations. Again, thank you for all of your support and understanding.