How to Install

Remove your trucks, grab a set of Fresh Nutz Hardware minimum 1.5" and reinstall.
There are several things that can be done to increase the fit of your BLOCK inserts. Most every time the following steps will get your BLOCKs where they need to be as most every skateboard setup is in some way different.

When not ridding, check the fit of the insert. Does it have any movement side to side or up & down?

-Verify the gap spacing in the opening of the BettyBOX.
1. Loosen the hardware on the open end of the riser.
2. Place your BLOCK insert into the locked position.
3. Squeeze the outside of the BettyBOX together to eliminate any additional gaping, while doing so tighten the hardware on the open end.

Up & Down
1. With the BettyBOX in place and skate hardware tightened check the amount of play/wiggle. If the BLOCK insert can move up and down while installed the gap needs to be filled.
Gauge the gap using a business card or sheet of paper. To fill the void space use the paper shim or another option is applying tape or flashy sticker as a more permanent solution.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments regarding the BettyBOX and BLOCK inserts. We are always open to all feedback and want to make BLOCK the best it possibly can be.

Once you get your inserts all dialed in please send us some additional photos/videos as we would love to share it on social media!