Media Kit

Logo Usage Guidelines

Many skaters want to use our logos in their videos and we thinks that's awesome! When you use our logo, keep in mind that the BLOCK Risers logo is our trademark and trademark law requires us to set a few guidelines that you must agree to before using our logos:


  • Use our logos for personal use. Tattoos, Birthday Cakes, Etc.
  • Give us credit.
  • Follow the BLOCK Risers Style Guide
  • When using our logos, add this text to the page or credits section: "The BLOCK Risers Logo is a trademark of B+ Ideas LLC. Used with permission."
  • In the credits of any digital content, the words "BLOCK Risers" should link to
  • Always link our logos to when using them on a webpage.
  • Portray all forms of skateboarding and our company in a positive light.
  • Use the high quality logo files provided above.
  • Promptly respond to any request from us to remove our logos or change your use.


  • Change our logos in any way. We love your creativity but we think our logos are just perfect as they are.
  • Use our logos on anything that is intended to be sold or on any commercial website or application.
  • Use our logos in connection with any cause or fundraiser.
  • Use our logo in any way that implies a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. For example, our logos shouldn't be bigger than yours or be the biggest thing on your webpage.
  • Make our logos available for download on your website.