BettyBOX Universal Risers


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A Foundation for Function

The BettyBOX™ is the world’s first universal skateboard riser system that fits any brand skateboard deck and works with all truck setups, including top mount and drop-thru. Now your riser can do more than just prevent wheel-bite, it gives you the Swiss Army of shredding accessories.

Universal Risers Set

Our patent pending BettyBOX™ system allows you to customize your skateboard and the way you ride, by allowing you to mix-and-match or switch different components in and out with ease (zero tools needed). This means you can have a GoPro camera attached one minute, a Mounted Light or a hidden compartment the next.

The benefit of a universal fit is that it is designed to interchange BLOCK’s growing list of inserts. Now you can add function to the perfection of Skateboarding and let your skateboard adapt to the ride you need, at that very moment. Think about it, you can take a morning skate and hide a couple bucks for coffee, meet up with some friends and pop in your GoPro camera for a downhill shred session, then pop your flashlight into ride home after sunset. It’s the ultimate tool that combines both functionality and technology, enhancing your total skating experience.

FLAT BettyBOX Risers

The flat BettyBOX™ risers make your skateboard ride 3/8” higher while maintaining the standard angle of your trucks baseplate, allowing you to feel the natural ride of your favorite skateboard trucks, while also preventing wheel bite on sharp turns.

Since using a flat riser does not involve changing the geometry of your trucks, it can be mounted with the BettyBOX™ opening facing in either direction, just keep the BLOCK logo up for a good time.

WEDGE BettyBOX Risers

The wedge BettyBOX™ risers provide the same 3/8” ride height while giving you the option to increase or decrease your trucks geometry by 4º. Allowing you to make your setup more turny or more stable. Check out our BLOCK Risers Guide to Wedging for more info.

The wedge riser is a bit more specific for your riding needs so the opening will depend on how you want your skateboard to ride.

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