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Go Further with GoStash

Finally, real innovation that allows your board to be customized to fit your riding style. The GoStash Combo Kit merges innovation and functionality. On one end, have the ability to mount a light or action camera on your board and out of your way, on the other end, hide your storage drawer where no one will find it. Easily interchangeable, both inserts can fit in either end and don't require a tool to attach and remove. Plus, the universal riser system is designed to fit all future product releases, meaning you can grow your collection of BLOCK Inserts and maximize your board as you see fit.

GoPro Mount, Secret Drawer, & Universal Risers

The ultimate BLOCK Risers package, saving you money on your individual parts and providing the the maximum functionality for your skateboard. Get it all, the BettyBOX Universal Risers, the GoBLOCK action sports camera mount/light mount, and the StashBLOCK secret drawer for your private goodies.

The BettyBOX™ is the world’s first universal skateboard riser that fits any skateboard deck or brand, and works with all truck setups, including drop-thru technology. Now your riser can do more than just prevent wheel-bite, it gives you the Swiss Army of shredding accessories.

The StashBLOCK™ acts as a hidden compartment concealing the drawer under your deck and out of sight. When you stash it, you can also be sure that it is safe and sound while locked into place. The patent pending technology allows the StashBLOCK™ to move freely when needed, or stay locked in to stay out of harm's way when not in use.

The GoBLOCK™ provides the lowest profile mount and best point of view for your action sports camera. Tucked beneath your board and protected by your wheels and trucks, not only is the mount out of the way of your feet, but it is located in the safest place on your entire setup.


  • 3/8" Flat or Wedge Riser
  • 4 degree Wedges
  • Standard Kit Includes: BettyBOX Set (2 risers) & GoBLOCK Mount & StashBLOCK Secret Drawer
  • Drop Thru Kit Includes: Standard Kit + 4 TopBLOCKs
  • Fits all respective flat or wedge BLOCK inserts.
  • Fits all skateboards and trucks
  • Combos are available in Blue, Red, Green, and Purple
  • 3.9” x 1.1” x 3/8”
  • 99mm x 28mm x 9.5mm - w/StashBLOCK
  • 111mm x 50mm x 9.5mm - w/GoBLOCK

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